What MODCloud offers

You must consider public cloud solutions first as part of the government’s Cloud First policy.

To save time and money, you can use cloud-based processing, storage, networks and other computing resources for your application.

On MODCloud, you do not run the underlying infrastructure but can control operating systems, storage and deployed applications.

If you’re external to MOD, you must have a MOD sponsor to use MODCloud.

MODCloud hosting platforms

MODCloud offers public cloud hosting up to OFFICIAL, including all caveats and descriptors:

  • MODCloud Azure Connected Environment (ACE) - using Microsoft Azure
  • MODCloud Internet Connected Environment (ICE) - using Amazon Web Services (AWS)

ACE and ICE offer different levels of assurance and flexibility:

  • Baseline Service Offering is more open with less assurance and accreditation
  • Enhanced Service Offering has more security services

These hosting options meet MOD security and compliance guidelines for hosting data.


MODCloud has a pay-as-you-go model for services, which include logging and monitoring.

You can use the pricing calculators from Microsoft (for ACE) and AWS (for ICE) to estimate costs, including:

  • a charge of up to £50 per month for Baseline Service Offering
  • a charge of up to £200-£230 per month for Enhanced Service Offering
  • government and public sector discounts

You can also get further discounts if you agree to use the service for at least one year, through a Reserved Instance or Savings Plan.

Contact us

If you have a MODNET device, you can access our Customer Information Hub to start onboarding to MODCloud. You will find information about our services and guidance on how to apply for cloud hosting.

If you do not have access to MODNET but would like to find out more information about MODCloud, speak to your MOD sponsor.

See Features for more information on MODCloud.